Interesting things about Unlikely

Test your fortune by playing Unlikely now. You must draw cards and roll dice to earn at least ten points if you don't want to be murdered by the clown.

Heart-pounding gameplay

If you are looking for interesting horror games like FNAF Plus, this game is the best choice. In this game, you take the role of a victim of the kidnapping. You are imprisoned in a small room in which you are required to play a lucky game with a scary clown. The playing rules of this game are super simple. Firstly, you are tasked with drawing a card from the card pile on the table. On this card, you can see three numbers. Your goal is to roll three dice to get the same three numbers shown on the card. You will earn one point if each dice has the same number displayed on the card. If there are no matched dice, you can ask for rerolling. Besides, you can roll a big dice. If you get +0, it means that you draw one more card. In contrast, if you get -1, it means that your score is reduced by 1 point. Your objective is to earn at least 10 points to keep surviving and move to the next round. Note that the next round allows you to draw fewer cards and reroll one time.

Frightening environment

Like Cabin Horror, the environment in this game is scary. The game will take you to a small dark room where a scary clown is waiting for you. You can easily realize that there are some blood stains on the walls of the room. It seems that you are not the only one coming to this room. In addition, the scary soundtrack is a factor that makes you frightened while playing this lucky game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to draw the cards and roll the dice.

Multiple endings of Unlikely

The game features two endings.

  • Ending 1: If you fail to get 10 points in any round, the clown will laugh and assassinate you immediately.
  • Ending 2: If you successfully win 5 rounds in this game, the clown will repeat the 'Unlikely' word and then be murdered. You will stay alive and leave the dark room safely.