Scary gameplay of Cabin Horror

Cabin Horror immerses you in a bone-chilling experience set in a winter forest. As an unnamed protagonist, you must uncover secrets in the cabin in the forest.

This game offers a compact gameplay experience, lasting approximately 3 to 5 minutes. In this game, you will join a frightening adventure in a winter forest. The adventure begins when the protagonist's car tire blows out while traversing the forest at night. Stranded and alone, the player's mission is to retrieve their backpack from the trunk and venture into the forest in search of a nearby cabin. Once inside the cabin, the player can take a moment to rest and satisfy their hunger. However, the discovery of notes on the table unravels a horrifying secret concealed within the forest.

As the game progresses, you must remain vigilant to the sounds emanating from outside the cabin. If unsettling noises are heard, you must gather your courage, open the cabin door, and follow the blood stains on the road. Along the way, the gruesome sight of a dead bear serves as a foreboding sign, urging the player to flee as fast as possible, for something truly terrifying awaits within the depths of the forest.


Use the arrow keys to move around the forest.

Use an E key to open the door.

Use the mouse to look around and find.

Impressive Elements of Cabin Horror

First-Person Perspective

Like Machine Gun Gardener, this game provides a first-person perspective that enhances the immersion and realism of the gameplay. Players become fully engrossed in the chilling atmosphere, feeling as though they are the actual protagonists, navigating the haunting environment.

Compelling Storyline

The game captivates players with its carefully crafted storyline. Rather than having unrestricted freedom, players are tasked with specific missions that lead to a single, inevitable outcome which is the demise of the main character. The game's story is both intriguing and frightening, evoking a range of emotions throughout the gameplay. From the relief of finding the cabin to the curiosity sparked by deciphering the notes, players experience restlessness while following the blood stains and sheer terror when confronted by a mysterious creature in the forest. In summary, it is possible to say that this is a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and immersive horror gaming experience.