General information of Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Geometry Dash Poltergeist is a daring running game. This remake version requires you to reach the end of the land without hitting any obstacles.

If you are finding something thrilling and challenging, this game is the best choice. Known as an Insane Demon level, this game features many tight paths and sawblades. The developer of the game, Andromeda, added unique characteristics that keep many players on their toes. It is possible to say that this is a famous version in the gaming community. It is said that this game was inspired by a poltergeist in the ghost lore. The theme of the game is mainly gray and dark. Play the game and explore interesting things in this game now.

An exciting journey in Geometry Dash Poltergeist

Confront many dangers

In fact, the gameplay of this game is divided into two parts which are an insane part and a take-a-break part. The take-a-break part features a few obstacles, so you can relax while evading the dangers. In contrast, in the insane part, you must guide your character to run, roll, or fly in the tight space and evade numerous hazards. If you want to survive in this part, you should pay a high concentration and react quickly.

How to control: Use the left mouse button, an up arrow key, the spacebar, or a W key to guide your character to jump or fly.

Cross many portals

Like Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, while running to the end, you also need to go or fly through many portals which have different effects.

  • Form portals: Unlike other versions, this game has only two types of form portals which are ship portals and cube portals. Therefore, you will transform into a cube or ship in the adventure.
  • Speed portals: The speed portals appear next to the ship portals. Therefore, after crossing over these portals, the ship will fly super fast.
  • Dual portals: These portals will emerge in the ship sequence. After flying through the orange dual portals, another clone ship will be created. Therefore, you must take control of two ships at the same time until they reach another blue dual portal.
  • Speed portals: These portals will help to decrease or increase your speed.