Description of Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Check out Geometry Dash Ground Zero which is an interesting game created by DorSha. Find gold coins in the factory filled with dangerous obstacles.

If you are a big fan of fan-made versions of Geometry Dash such as Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, take a look at this game now. Developed by DorSha, this game is the third level in the Poison Gauntlet. In this game, you will reach a new destination which is a poison factory. In this factory, you will meet many surprising things. In the factory, you should protect your character from dangers such as spikes, buzzsaws, poison rivers, and monsters. In addition, the game features a series of speed portals and jump rings that are placed next to each other. They will cause different changes in your character such as raising your speed or the height of your jumps.

Control: Use the spacebar or click the left mouse button if you want to jump or fly up to evade hazards in the factory.

The coin hunt in Geometry Dash Ground Zero

This game offers not only an exciting adventure but also the hunt for coin. During the adventure, you must find and collect three coins which are hidden in different places in the factory. Here are some hints about their positions.

  • The first coin can be found at 22%. After hitting a series of yellow jump rings, you should not jump on the green jump ring. Instead, try to fly up to collect the first coin.
  • The second coin can be found a 66%. At this time, you must control the UFO to fly down and through transparent circles to collect the coin.
  • The final coin is located at 92%. Take control of the cube character to jump on descending stairs and finally hit a yellow jump ring if you want to pick up the third coin.