Geometry Dash Lite

Key Details about Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a running game promising to bring an intriguing journey at its best. Jump, roll, run, or fly over hazards while gathering secret coins.

Released by Robert Topala in 2014, this lite version brought the winds of change because it allows the players to play it on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices. Moreover, this game puts hard-as-nails adventures first, which attracts many skilled players. Although it is a new version, it attempts to forge its own identity by adding new features such as adding more levels, new characters, and achievements. That's why this game is impressive and has become the top choice in the players' game arsenal.

Into wonderful lands in Geometry Dash Lite

One of the most appealing parts of this game is its daring adventures which bring a ceaseless delight. In these adventures, you will encounter various dangers and surprising things until you reach the end.

Potential dangers

This game puts you in control of a cube character, the protagonist of this game. You need to guide its moves to run on treacherous routes. Along the way, you manage to evade notable obstacles such as buzzsaws, tight paths, dragons in the water or lava pool, and spike traps. In addition, you also need to watch out for invisible dangers such as invisible lines or blocks. Furthermore, fake blocks and lines are also potential dangers that can send you to the starting point. All you need to do is to pay high concentration, react quickly, and click the left mouse button in time to guide your character to jump or fly to avoid hitting these dangers.

Another potential hazard that you may not notice are different types of portals. The portals such as speed portals, form portals, dual portals, and gravity portals. These portals can cause sudden changes which can be a challenge for you. Now, let's explore their effects:

Tips to stay safe in the adventure

Collectible gold coins

The only collectible item in this game is gold coins. An adventure in each level features three coins. Of course, the position of these coins is different at different levels. It is said that gathering the coins is an extra challenge to your gameplay. You can collect these coins or not. Do not obsess over the coins if you are a beginner. Attempting to collect them can be the main reason that makes you fall into the obstacles. Just collect all coins when you are a skilled player.

Simple controls: If you want to dodge the dangers, click the left mouse button or press a W, up arrow key, or the spacebar.

Notable features of Geometry Dash Lite

Scintillating game modes at their best

Despite being the lite version, this game still keeps the original feature which is its game modes. In this version, you still can enjoy two game modes which are the Normal Mode and Practice Mode. What are their differences? Let's discover now.

Iconic characters

Another fantastic aspect of this game was its collection of characters. Not only are there plenty of characters in which you can change their appearance but there are many colors that you can choose from. Some characters are available for selection, but the rest characters can be unlocked by completing the levels. You can unlock various characters such as ships, robots, UFOs, spiders, swings, cubes, balls, and waves. Then, you can select them before starting your new adventures.

Impressive visuals and catchy music

It is undeniable that this game features crisp 2D renders. The background is vibrant and pops out. Each level has a distinct background. This brings the players a distinct playing experience whenever joining the adventure at each level. On the other hand, this game shines in the music department. The levels have different beats composed by different composers. All music is energetic. It is easy to realize that every single move in the game is affected by the beat. Therefore, it is advisable to feel the rhythm while controlling the character.

The Verdict

It's amazing to realize just how well Geometry Dash Lite has aged for a decade. If there is any way to summarize this game, it's that it is an awesome game featuring vibrant art. With some notable changes such as more dangerous adventures or new soundtracks, this game is a perfect remake that you must try at least once. This game promises to bring a meaty gameplay experience that will have you hooked for hundreds of hours