Gameplay overview of Monkey Mart

Get ready for mart-managing work in Monkey Mart now. You are tasked with cultivating crops, stocking aisles, serving customers, and expanding your mart.

Doing farm

Your first mission is to plant fruits and crops in the empty plots of land. The harvested produce, such as bananas, corn, peanuts, and coffee beans, can then be sold to customers. In addition, you need to raise pigs and chickens. Harvest corn to feed the pigs and chickens. They will provide milk and eggs. If your work is too hard, you can hire the farmers who assist you in feeding the pigs and chickens.

Managing your mart

Your second task is to manage, upgrade, and expand your mart. You must stock all shelves in your mart. When the customers come and buy your products, you must collect their payments. Make sure that all shelves are fulfilled and the customers are served well. You can hire more monkeys who help you fulfill the shelves and collect payments. However, keep your eyes on them because they sometimes are lazy. You must wake them up and ask them to continue their work whenever they sleep. If you want to increase their speed and productivity, you can use your coins to upgrade them. In addition, you should unlock new aisles, introduce a wider range of products, and expand your market reach.

Appliances and Advanced Products

To diversify the product range and cater to customer preferences, this game features various appliances. You can purchase and operate appliances such as chocolate makers, coffee machines, yogurt makers, and more. These appliances enable the creation of advanced products, including chocolate bars, coffee, popcorn, muffins, and ice cream. Introducing these unique items not only increases customer satisfaction but also boosts revenue. Managing the production and supply of these advanced products adds depth and complexity to the gameplay.

Controls: Use the arrow keys if you want to guide the monkey to run around the mart.

Interesting things about Monkey Mart

The hat store

When you have a lot of money, you can visit the hat store. In this store, you can purchase 20 hats with different and impressive designs. After buying them, you can customize your money with these cool hats. This is the best way to help your monkey become unique and different from other monkeys in your mart.

New updates

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this arcade game is updated every month. This brings a fresh experience. Specifically, this year, the developer updated the third mart. In the third mat, you can unlock new shelves and sell hotdogs, chocolate muffins, cookies, and ice cream. These new products will help to attract more customers and earn more coins.