Engaging gameplay of Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze is a new version with top-notch designs and mechanics. Enjoy wonderful adventures in which you watch out for dangers and collect coins.

The energetic platforming adventure

The setup of this game is very simple. The cube character gets lost in three dangerous lands. It is on its way to find the exit portal of the land. When joining this game, you are assigned an intense mission which is to help the cube character overcome multiple hazards. These dangers are high pillars, spiky narrow paths, giant buzzsaws, invisible lines, fake lines, and blocks. Control snappily the cube characters to avoid colliding with these dangers in the lands. Different types of portals also often emerge in these lands and cause different changes. You can either cross these portals or evade them as long as you are safe until reaching the end.

The hunt for gold coins

Besides wonderful adventures, this game also provides thrilling hunts for gold coins. In each land, you can find three secret coins along the way. These coins can be located on blocks or bear obstacles. If the coins are next to the dangers, you can ignore them to avoid falling into the hazards.

A series of three interesting levels

Geometry Dash Breeze has taken the world by storm because of its intriguing levels including Over The Cloud, Ghost Ship, and Into The Zone. Each level offers a distinct playing experience, theme, and a series of obstacles. You can select one of these levels to join an exciting adventure. At each level, you can try the Practice Mode first to improve your reflexes and controls. Then, the Normal Mode is the best choice to participate in an official adventure in which you will encounter more dangers. Play this game now and remember to take a look at Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles and Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth which are also excellent version.