Fluid but challenging gameplay of Geometry Dash SubZero

Let's play Geometry Dash SubZero to explore the coolest land in the world. Evade numerous dangers, hit jump pads and rings, and gather coins and keys.

Interesting two game modes

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also presents two game modes bringing different gaming experiences. The first game mode is the Practice Mode which allows you to practice mastering the moves of the character. In this mode, you need to set the checkpoints by dropping the green gems or removing them. This is the best way to save your progress and reach the finish line faster. In contrast, the Normal Mode offers an unstoppable adventure. You cannot set the checkpoints, save your progress, and return to the checkpoints. Going back to the starting point is the only way to restart your adventure after you collide with the obstacle.

Daring adventures in the dangerous land

Outside of the engrossing game modes of this game, arguably the most impressive aspect was its moment-to-moment gameplay. Stepping into the shoes of the cube character, you start your adventure in the coolest land. In this land, you are challenged to evade numerous icy spike traps, buzzsaws, and monsters.while going through various portals. Let's jump on the jump pads and rings, or gravity pads and rings because they help to make double jumps or a change of gravity. It is possible to say that the adventure in this game is fairly frantic and challenging but wonderful.

Control: Using the spacebar or an up arrow key is the only way to jump or fly up.

New character system of Geometry Dash SubZero

All characters in this game are redecorated, which is similar to Geometry Dash Breeze. The cast of characters in this game are inspired by animals in North Pole. You can select your favorite characters such as a polar bear, a seal, a whales, a penguin, and so on. They are free, so you do not need to unlock them and choose them freely.