The gameplay of Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles is an intriguing running game developed by Suomi. Get ready for the hunt for coins in which you must encounter various dangers.

The dangerous adventure

Inspired by Geometry Dash Lite, this engaging game also offers an engaging journey. The theme of this game is a hell that is filled with invisible giant saws, fake lines, spike traps, and so on. You should be careful with these dangers because they can be the main reason that forces you to restart your journey. Let's guide your character to jump or fly up to avoid colliding with the hazards in hell. Note that you can transform into a cube, robot, ship, ball, or wave during the adventure. The change in your appearance happens when you go through form portals. Besides, the size, speed, and gravity portals are also scattered along the way. As their names suggest, they can change your speed, gravity, and size.

The hunt for coins

Your goal in this adventure is not only to get to the finish line but also to gather coins. If you are curious about their positions, I can show you now.

  • First Coin: This coin can be found at 3% in the ship sequence. Attempt to evade two giant sawblades and then fly up to collect the first coin. Note that this coin is next to a giant sawblade, so you should be careful when picking up it.
  • Second Coin: You can find this coin at 35%. You should avoid hitting the jump orb to fall into a low platform where you can find the second coin.
  • Third Coin: You can pick up the final coin at 58%. After jumping over a series of pillars, you should avoid jumping on the last pillar to fall into the ground and gather this coin.

How to control: If you want to jump or fly over dangers along the way, press an up arrow key or the spacebar or click the left mouse button.

Soundtrack and graphics

The song used in this game is NK. It was composed by Xtrullor. It is possible to say that this is the best remix I have ever heard. When playing this game, you should feel the beat while controlling the character to overcome various obstacles. In addition, the graphics of this game are so impressive. There are many rainbow-like roads that will impress you