Unique gameplay of Geometry Dash Sports

Geometry Dash Sports is a perfect combination of sports and adventure elements. Let's participate in sports events and evade obstacles along the way.

Original elements

Although this is a new version, it still keeps some original elements. Like Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, in this game, you are also challenged to evade the obstacles and run to the finish line. However, the land in this game has fewer obstacles and there are only spike traps along the way. If you want to evade them, you need to jump, fly up, or hit the jump rings or pads to make double jumps. Sometimes, you need to collect the key or sports equipment. Reaching the finish line is the only way to win this game.

List of sports events

While flying or sliding the finish line, you also need to take part in sports events. You can join the table tennis, golf, surfing, billiards, swimming, chess, running, football, cycling, and car racing tournaments. If you can reach the finish line in the car tournament, you will become the winner.

How to control

PC: You can press an up arrow key, a W key, the spacebar, or the left mouse button if you want to jump or fly up.

MOBILE: Tap the screen of your mobile device if you want to jump or fly up.

Locations in Geometry Dash Sports

This game offers many locations in which you will join different sports events. Here is the list of locations in this game.

  • Football Resort: You can join the football match in this location.
  • Community Leisure Center: The table tennis match will happen in this location. This is also the first location in this game.
  • Carol's Golf Range: You will play golf in this location.
  • Beach: You will join the swimming tournament in this location.