Playable game modes of Machine Gun Gardener

Machine Gun Gardener is a great shooting game with two game modes. Shoot down as many animals as possible to protect your garden or three building entrances.

Garden Defense

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also allows you to choose between two game modes. The first one is Garden Defense. In this game mode, you will play as a farmer who has a beautiful garden. You have 4 prized gardens. One day, a lot of animals enter your garden and consume your flowers and plants. Let's hold your gun and run around the garden to eliminate these animals now. You need to eliminate as many animals as possible to earn many points and coins. In addition, some boxes will dropped from eliminated animals. You should collect them because they will bring benefits. Besides power-up boxes, you also need to gather 3 hay bales to make a powerful turret that targets nearby enemies. The game is over when one of your gardens runs out of grass. Therefore, you should stand inside damaged gardens to repair them

Horde Survival

The second game mode in this game is Horde Survival. the game mode revolves around the attack of animals at night. They will enter your house and destroy your building entrances. Your mission is to stop the animals from doing that. Let's run around your house's yard and shoot down as many animals as possible. Note that some animals are crazy and attack you. You should run to avoid their attack and protect your house at all costs. Try this game now and do not forget to check out Little Rummo which is also an awesome game appreciated by many players from all over the world.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to run around the garden.

Click the left mouse button to shoot at animals.

Use the spacebar to jump.

Use 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to equip power-ups and weapons.

Click the right button or use an R key to use the power-ups and weapons.

Note: You can use the controller to play this shooting game.

More information about Machine Gun Gardener

Various power-ups

The power-up boxes will be dropped after the animals are eliminated. Here are some collectible power-up boxes and their effects.

  • Timed Bombs: This can be used to take out groups of animals.
  • Singularity: This power-up can create a super intense gravitational force that pulls enemies into oblivion.
  • Flame Thrower: This gun can be used to light enemies and small foliage on fire by direct or indirect contact.
  • Bullet Time: If you collect this power-up, the time will be slowed down temporarily.
  • Rapid Fire: This helps to add 100 to the rapid-fire clip. You should hold down for repeated firing.

Multiple upgrades

This game features many upgrades that you need to unlock. Here is the list of upgrades in this game.

  • Collect 50 power-ups by shooting them.
  • Kill 100 enemies by using bombs.
  • Use your gun to kill 10 enemies.
  • Kill 20 enemies from the rooftop.
  • Destroy 10 headless enemy bodies.
  • Explore the darn.
  • Save 20 gardens.