Amazing gameplay of Little Rummo

Little Rummo is a famous adventure game that invites you to wonderful lands. Take caution with obstacles and enemies and try to collect gold coins.

A rough but delightful adventure

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also offers an engaging gameplay. In this game, you will play as Rummo who is a green frog. You need to run and jump to evade multiple obstacles such as spike traps, buzzsaws, lava pools, unstable platforms, and so on. Besides dangerous traps, you also need to take caution with scary creatures that can attack you. try to evade them or jump on their heads to take down them from the playing field and keep them safe. In addition, another mission is to collect as many coins and hearts as possible. Collecting hearts is the best way to save your life. If you run out of hearts, you will return to the starting points after crashing into the dangers. In contrast, if you collide with the hazards when you still have hearts, you will return to the nearby checkpoint.

How to control

Press the Enter key to start the adventure.

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide Rummo to move left or right.

Use the spacebar or an X key to jump.

Hold the right/ left arrow key + an X key to climb.

Use a down key to sit down.

Relevant information about Little Rummo

All bosses

Little Danger: This enemy looks like a turtle with a red spiky shell. It often appears around the land and moves from left to right and vice versa. You can jump on its head or jump over it.

  • Grobletombus Marble-Eyes: This is a cosmic entity that looks like a giant purple slime. It can cause a universal collapse which can hurt you. Moreover, it will take you to the cosmic planet.
  • The Meatball Man: This is a giant meatball with a human face. It can absorb you when you get close to it,
  • The WreckingBall: You will meet this boss in the storage room. You should not disturb him. If he wakes up, he will drop on you.

All endings

This adventure game offers multiple endings. Every decision will lead to a distinct ending.

  • Ending 1: If you go straight, you will reach a green chimney. Jump on it and the adventure ends.
  • Ending 2: This is considered to be a secret ending of this game. To unlock this ending, you need to jump into the pit when you reach the spiky wall. Then, after overcoming multiple obstacles and defeating various enemies, you will reach the Gastral Giveaway Hall. In this place, you need to spin a lucky wheel until you get the Death option. Then, you will be teleported to the starting point. Attempt to find the black chimney and enter it.