Thrilling gameplay of FNAF Plus

FNAF Plus is a new version with new animatronics and many levels of difficulty. Slam the doors to keep the animatronics from your office and survive 5 nights.

Change the levels of difficulty

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also features five levels of difficulty. They are easy, normal, hard, insane, and effortless. You will meet fewer animatronics in the easy and normal levels. However, in the hard and insane levels, the animatronics appear frequently, so you should take caution at all times. On the effortless level, it seems to be no way to keep the animatronics from your office. It is possible to say that it is challenging for you to win this level, so think carefully before choosing it.

Frightening nights at Freddy's

After choosing the levels, you can start your work at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You are a night guard whose mission is to protect the pizzeria at night and take caution with animatronics here. All you need to do is check the cameras to know where the animatronics are, turn on the lights in the corridors to check your blind spots, and slam the doors to stop the animatronics from entering your office. Note that all these actions will drain your power reserves. Therefore, try to save your power during the shift. If you run out of power, the animatronics will enter the room and kill you instantly.

Controls: Click the left mouse button to open the door or turn on the light.

New animatronics in FNAF Plus

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose the animatronics that can appear during the night. In this game, you will encounter new animatronics.


Baldi, a fan-made animatronic character in the FNAF universe, adds a unique twist to the gameplay experience. As you monitor the cameras, the sight of Baldi triggers a challenging encounter. Unlike other animatronics, Baldi doesn't rely solely on jumpscare tactics but engages you in a math-related test of wit and skill. When you spot Baldi in the cameras, you enter a math-centric scenario. You are presented with math problems that you must solve correctly to appease Baldi and avoid his wrathful pursuit. This gameplay mechanic introduces an educational element, challenging players to think critically and quickly provide accurate answers.


Marionette, also known as The Puppet, has a unique set of behaviors in this game. She starts each night in the Prize Corner or a designated location. It remains inactive until the Music Box winds down. If the Music Box is left unwound for an extended period, Marionette becomes more active and aggressive. Marionette will gradually move toward your office through the ventilation system, attempting to jumpscare you if it reaches your location.

Keeping the Music Box wound up is crucial to keeping Marionette contained. Monitor the Music Box's status regularly using the cameras and wind it up whenever it starts to run low. While winding the Music Box is essential, you must also manage other tasks, such as monitoring the cameras for other animatronics and using the flashlight to ward off potential threats.