The playing instruction of Super Liquid Soccer

It's time to start soccer matches in Super Liquid Soccer. Control the soccer players to kick the ball into the goalpost and earn more points than your rivals.

Thrilling soccer matches

The game challenges you to join exciting soccer matches. In the soccer match, you must guide a soccer team consisting of 11 players. Let's take control of these soccer players of your team to run around, chase your opponents, steal the ball from them, pass this ball, and kick it into the goalpost of the opposite team. You will get one point after scoring a goal. Similarly, the opposite team can earn points if they do the same thing. Besides, you should remember the penalty rules. For example, if the opposite team touches the ball last before it crosses the goal line, either on the ground or in the air, outside their own goal, your team will be awarded a corner kick. A corner kick is taken from the corner arc on the side of the field nearest to where the ball went out of play. Try not to get any fouls during the soccer match and earn more points than the opposite team within the allotted time if you want to become the champion.

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to guide the soccer players to run around.

Use a P key for a bust of speed.

Use an M key to pass the ball.

Use an L key to chip or cross the ball.

Hold a J key and release it to shoot or head the ball.

Use an M or L key to start the soccer match.

Playable game modes of Super Liquid Soccer

Like Toon Cup 2022, this game offers three game modes. They are the Play Cup mode, World Cup mode, and Penalties mode. You can start with the Play Cup mode. This mode allows you to join a beginner cup including three rounds. Then, you can join the World Cup mode. In this game mode, you can join the World Cup 2014, World Cup 2018, and World Cup 2022. In this game mode, you must join the soccer matches with more professional soccer teams. Finally, you can try the Penalties mode. This mode allows you to join a penalty shootout. You and the opposite team will take turns kicking the ball into the goalpost and defending your goalpost. Your ultimate objective is to earn five points first to win the spot-kick contest.