Regular gameplay modes of Toon Cup 2022

Welcome to a new football season in Toon Cup 2022. Guide your group of three cartoon characters to kick the ball into your rival's goalpost to earn more points.

Tournament Mode

This game offers two game modes bringing unique challenges and opportunities for competition. The first one is Tournament Mode which allows you to join structured tournaments. In this mode, you will compete against the CPU in a series of matches. You must progress through different stages of the tournament by winning matches. In a football match, you must guide your team to steal and pass the ball. When your characters run near your opponent's goalpost, you should hold the spacebar to kick the ball into your rival's goalpost to earn points. Your goal is to earn more points than your opponent before the time is over.

Toon Leagues Mode

The second game mode is the Toon Leagues Mode in which you must create a team from your favorite characters. Let's play against Super Squads. If you want to win matches, attempt to earn points and complete the different leagues such as the Ultra League, Epic League, Ace League, Pro League, and Star League. Each league has its own awesome trophy. Can you win all of them?


If you want to guide your football players to run around, use the arrow keys.

If you want to kick the ball into the goalpost, hold the spacebar and release it.

Unlockables of Toon Cup 2022

Character Selection

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also boasts an extensive character roster, featuring iconic and beloved cartoon characters from Cartoon Network shows. In this game, you have an opportunity to assemble your dream football team by selecting three cartoon characters such as Gumball, Anais, Darwin, Ben 10, Richard, Buttercup, Finn, Zak Saturday, and so on. The inclusion of these popular characters not only appeals to fans of the respective shows but also adds a nostalgic and familiar element to the game. The diverse range of characters allows players to create unique and imaginative teams, enhancing the game's charm and appeal. In addition, you can upgrade the characters in your team to raise their power and football skills.

Unlockable stadiums and balls

In some cases, you can unlock new stadiums in which to compete/ These unlockables provide visual diversity and create a fresh atmosphere for matches. Each stadium or environment may have its own unique characteristics and themes, adding depth and immersion to the game. Furthermore, you can purchase 24 balls with different designs and colors. Their prices range from 100 to 150 coins, so you can buy them easily.

The leaderboard of Toon Cup 2022

This game typically features two leaderboards which are the daily leaderboard and weekly leaderboard. Your score will be a sum of points that you earn in football matches. The higher your score, the higher your rank on the daily and weekly leaderboards. In addition, if you win the leagues in the Toon Leagues Mode, your country will be listed in the Hall Of Fame.