Thrilling races in Speed Master

Are you ready for an endless race in Speed Master? Your mission is to drive your car to race with the other four players and collect as much money as possible.

Race with other racers

This game invites you to join the car race with the other four players. This race happens on an endless racetrack. Your goal is to overtake other racers and reach the furthest distance. If you want to overtake other players, you should go on the speed boost areas. Besides, the road is full of dangers such as blocks, movable high walls, and barriers. If your car hits the barriers and movable high walls, it will be destroyed and the race will end. Therefore, you should drive your car to the left or right to evade the hazards along the way. Meanwhile, the block obstacles will not cause damage to your car, but they will lead to a decrease in your speed. Therefore, you also need to watch out for the blocks along the way.

Unlock new cool cars

During the race, you can collect as much money as possible until the progress bar at the top of the screen is full. When it is full, you can unlock a new car. The new car will have a more impressive design, a better engine and turbo, and faster speed. There are 10 cars with different colors you can unlock. Attempt to get all new cars and become the champion in an infinite race in this game. Besides, I want to suggest Little Rummo which is also an amazing game on our website.

How to control

PC: Use the arrow keys to drive the car to race with other racers.

MOBILE: Hold the screen to drive the car to race with other racers.