Thrilling gameplay of Sonic Primo

Sonic Primo is a new adventure game of the Sonic series. The game challenges you to explore Crimson City and Trap Temple and collect as many rings as possible.

Adrenaline-pumping adventures

This game was released in 2023 and takes you on a new adventure. In this game, you play as Sonic or Miles Prower. Because the little hedgehogs are kidnapped and imprisoned by Dr. Eggman, you need to find and save them now. Let's run as fast as possible and overcome various loops, ramps, and obstacles. You must jump to avoid hitting dangers on the land. Moreover, you also need to collect the golden rings. Accumulating a certain number of rings grants you an additional life. This provides a safety net, allowing you to continue your progress even if they run out of lives. The more rings you collect, the more extra lives you can accumulate, ensuring that you have more opportunities to complete challenging levels or overcome difficult obstacles. Your ultimate goal is to reach the prison of Dr. Eggman in the shortest time and free all little hedgehogs. Besides, do not forget to join another exciting adventure in Pokemon Dark Violet.

All game maps

This game offers two Acts. In each Act, you will have a chance to discover a distinct land. In Act 1, you will visit Crimson City. Meanwhile, in Act 2, your destination is the Trap Temple. On each map, you encounter different traps and enemies.

  • Crimson City: In Zone 2 of the Crimson City, you will encounter Dr. Eggman driving the eggmobile. Try to jump on his Eggmobile constantly to destroy it and defeat Dr. Eggman.
  • Trap Temple: Like the previous map, this map also has two zones. In the second zone, Dr. Eggman appears one more time. However, at this time, he is more powerful because his Eggmobile holds a big hammer to hit you. Apply the same strategy to take down Dr. Eggman and rescue all little hedgehogs.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to guide Sonic to run around.

Use an Enter key to start the game or choose.

Use an X or Z key to guide Sonic to jump and roll.