Exploring the World of Pokemon Dark Violet

Dive into an exciting adventure in Pokemon Dark Violet now! Explore new lands, capture Pokemon, and join battles with other Pokemon trainers.

Exciting Journeys

In this game, you embark on a Pokemon journey in the Kanto region, where you aim to become a Pokemon Champion. You start with a single Pokemon and gradually capture, train, and evolve a team of Pokemon to battle against other trainers, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four. Like Geometry Dash Lite, the adventure promises to bring fun and surprising things.

Great locations

  • Pallet Town: Pallet Town is the starting point for you in the Kanto region. Situated in the southwest part of the map, this small, peaceful town is home to the renowned Pokemon Professor Oak. You begin your journey here and receive your first Pokemon from Professor Oak's lab.
  • Moon: Located on Route 4 in the Kanto region, Mt. Moon is a vast cave system known for its labyrinthine pathways and numerous wild Pokemon. You must navigate through this cave, encountering you and collecting items, to progress further in your journey.
  • Pewter City: Pewter City is a historic city in the Kanto region, situated north of Route 3. It is home to the Pewter Gym, led by the Rock-type Gym Leader, Brock. You must challenge and defeat Brock to earn the Boulder Badge. Additionally, the Pewter Museum of Science is a popular attraction, housing various rare fossils.
  • Cerulean City: This is a lively waterfront city in the Kanto region, located north of Route 24. It is known for its iconic Cerulean Gym, specializing in Water-type Pokemon and led by the Cerulean Gym Leader, Misty. You must defeat Misty to obtain the Cascade Badge. Cerulean City is also the gateway to the famous Nugget Bridge, where you can test your skills against a series of opponents.

The training Pokemon process of Pokemon Dark Violet

Throughout the game, you encounter various wild Pokemon in different areas such as routes, caves, forests, and cities. You can capture these Pokemon using Poke Balls and add them to your team. Each Pokemon has its unique abilities, types, and moves. Besides, you engage in battles with other trainers you encounter on your journey. These battles are turn-based and involve selecting moves for your Pokemon to attack, use items, switch Pokemon, or employ various strategies to defeat your opponents. Winning battles earns you experience points (EXP) and sometimes items or money. By gaining experience points through battles, your Pokemon can level up and learn new moves. Some Pokemon evolve into more powerful forms either by reaching a certain level or through other conditions like using special items or trading.

In major cities, there are Gym Leaders who specialize in specific types of Pokemon. By defeating them in battle, you earn Gym Badges as recognition of your skills. Gym Badges grant you access to new areas and signify your progress in the game. After collecting all the Gym Badges, you can challenge the Elite Four, a group of powerful trainers, and ultimately face the Champion. This is the final test to become the Pokemon Champion of the region.


Use a Z key to choose.

Use an X key to return.

Use an arrow key to move around.