The playing rules of Pocket Battle Royale

Pocket Battle Royale is an exciting shooting game that challenges you to battle with other gunners. Don't forget to collect weapons in treasure chests.

Thrilling combats

Like Machine Gun Gardener, this game also offers pound-hearting fights. You will be matched with random players from all over the world before entering the arena. When the fight starts, you need to run around to find your opponents and shoot them down. Besides, you need to defend yourself to avoid being eliminated. Do your best to become the last survivor in this arena to claim cups. In addition, the toxic smoke surrounds the arena and invades it gradually. If you stay too long in the dead zone, you will die. Therefore, attempt to avoid the dead zone at all costs.

Weapon and character customization

During the battles, you can find many treasure chests which contain many weapons. They can be shotguns, assault rifles, and bazookas. You can use your coins to upgrade these weapons if you want to fight against more powerful enemies.

Furthermore, you can unlock new characters by completing the levels. Remember to change the color of your character's clothes, hair, and shoes if you want to become unique.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or screen to guide the gunner to move around.

Multiple maps of Pocket Battle Royale

This game features 4 game maps which have different terrains.

  • Cyber Truck: In the early game, this map is available for gameplay. It has a lot of bluegrass.
  • Backstreet Court: You should collect 5 cups and use them to unlock this game map. There are many orange tussocks in this arena.
  • Royal Desert: This map can be used by using 20 cups. It has many yellow tussocks and green treasure chests containing various weapons.
  • Volcano Crossing: This is the final game map which can be unlocked with 40 cups. This arena has many brown obstacles.