Thrilling battles of Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome Must Die is an awesome shooting game featuring 100 levels. This game tasks you with guiding two gunners to shoot down the enemies in the building.

Choose active game modes

If you are a big fan of Nitrome's game such as Twin Shot 2, try this game now. This engaging game offers two game modes which are the 1-Player Mode and 2-Player Mode. In the 1-Playe mode, you will play as Austin Carter. Meanwhile, in the 2-Player Mode, you and another player will transform into two gunners who are Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between these game modes.

Fight against different bosses

At levels in this game, you will encounter different enemies. You must shoot down them to earn as many points as possible and complete levels in this game. Do not forget to collect more weapons restored in the box to defeat more powerful bosses. Here are some dominant bosses in this game.

  • Nose & Snot: This boss appears at level 10. This is a giant metal nose from Snot Put. This boss is able to launch blobs of snot at you and move up and down the wall. You must shoot at this boss to splat this boss.
  • Parasite & the Moon: You will encounter this boss at level 20. This boss is able to shoot green blobs at you, so you should be careful with blobs.
  • Professor holding Blue: This boss will appear in the battle at level 40. The Blue stand on the hand of the professor's hand and shoot at you. You must jump to evade his shots and shoot down him.



Use the WASD keys to guide the character to run around.

Use a Q key to shoot down the enemies.


Use the arrow keys to control the character to run around.

Use a splash key to shoot down the rivals.