The playing instruction of Twin Shot 2

Check out the second version which is Twin Shot 2. Transform into angels whose missions are to battle with the monsters and earn as many points as possible.

A Dynamic Adventure of Archery and Cooperation

This game revolves around a pair of angelic archers, guiding them through a series of levels filled with enemies and obstacles. You must aim precisely and shoot arrows to defeat enemies and overcome challenges. Note that you must control both archers simultaneously, fostering teamwork and coordination. Try to eliminate all monsters in Hell and Paradise to earn as many points as possible.

Various power-ups

During the adventure, collecting power-ups is crucial because they will help to raise your winning chance. Here is the list of power-ups in this game.

  • Love Arrows: These power-ups have a unique effect on the angels' arrows when collected. When a rival gets hit by a love arrow, hearts will float above his head and explode. Nearby enemies will also be affected by the love arrow's abilities. Unlike regular arrows, enemies hit by love arrows do not drop any coins.
  • Fire Arrows: The Fire Arrows power-up enhances the angels' arrows with a fiery effect. It adds a burning effect to the arrows, increasing their damage and potentially igniting enemies upon impact.
  • Speedy: This power-up boosts the angels' movement speed, allowing them to move faster horizontally. This power-up remains active until the angel loses health or obtains another power-up.
  • Bonus: This power-up takes effect when the player completes the current level they are playing. Once collected, the word "bonus" appears at the bottom of the screen in colorful rainbow letters. After completing the level, the player is transported to a bonus level where they have twenty seconds to collect as many coins as possible. A large pipe appears at the top of the screen, releasing coins, gems, and bombs. The game resumes normally when the player runs out of health or time. Additionally, the pipe can shoot small circles with numbers in the middle, which can add extra seconds when hit by an arrow.
  • Player Swaps: This power-up is exclusive to the multiplayer mode of this game. When obtained, it swaps the positions of the angels between the two players, exchanging their respective positions on the screen.



If you want to control the angel to move and jump, use the arrow keys.

If you want to shoot, use the Spacebar.


If you want to guide the angel to move and jump, press WASD keys.

If you want to shoot, press an F key.

Active game mode of Twin Shot 2

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also offers two distinct game modes for players to enjoy. These modes provide different gameplay experiences and challenges.

  • The Good Mode: This game mode transforms you into angel twins. You are tasked with saving the paradise from monsters and banishing them back. This mode requires you to win 50 good levels.
  • The Evil Mode: The arena will change if you choose the Evil Mode. This game mode requires you to reach Hell to stop the evil plan of monsters because they want to invade Paradise and harm angels.