Cooperative gameplay of Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 is an awesome puzzle-platform game made by Meow Beast. The game challenges to guide two characters to save their father from his cell.

The roles of big and small brothers

This game immerses you in a thrilling prison escape adventure. In this game, you and another player must control big and small brothers to rescue their father imprisoned in the cell. You should watch out for guards, lasers, cannons, and other obstacles. while collecting bags of money. The adventure is over if any brother touches the dangers in the prison. Note that the small brother can jump on the big brother's head to jump higher and reach higher platforms. Similarly, the big brother can jump on the small brother's head. In addition, remember that the small brother is able to jump high while the big brother cannot. However, the big brother is stronger than the smaller brother, so he is able to push strong objects. Your ultimate target is to assist two brothers in reaching the exit portal at the same time.

Strategic Challenges

This game offers a progressively challenging gameplay experience. As you advance through the game, you encounter increasingly complex puzzles and obstacles that require careful planning and execution. From timing movements to avoiding security systems, each level presents unique challenges that demand strategic thinking. The game strikes a delicate balance between difficulty and accessibility, ensuring that you are sufficiently challenged without feeling overwhelmed.


PLAYER 1: If you want to guide the small brother, use the WASD keys.

PLAYER 2: If you want to control the big brother, use the arrow keys.

Interesting levels of Money Movers 2

Like Pizza Tower, this game offers an exhilarating adventure through its carefully crafted levels. With a total of 20 levels, you are taken on a journey filled with increasing challenges and thrilling puzzles. Each level presents a unique set of obstacles, from timing-based movements and sneaky guards to laser-filled mazes and dangerous descents. As you progress, they must navigate through tight spaces, overcome electrical hazards, and even face guard dogs. The levels are thoughtfully designed to test your problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking, requiring coordination and teamwork to succeed. From the initial escape to the final showdown and the ultimate taste of freedom, this game's levels provide an immersive and satisfying experience that keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the game.