A Towering Gastronomic Adventure in Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower has taken the gaming world by storm because of its gastronomic delights. You are challenged to assist Peppino in defeating bosses in the tower.

Entering different rooms

When joining this game, you will play as the intrepid chef Peppino Spaghetti who is thrust into a race against time to save his cherished pizzeria from the clutches of the dastardly Pizzaface. Let's enter different rooms in the tower to find the bosses and defeat them. The tower has 4 rooms corresponding to 4 levels. Besides, you are allows to customize the level if you enter the hooky horror land. Let's choose one room in the tower to complete the challenges in this room now.

Fighting against mighty bosses

After entering the rooms, you will encounter various dangers such as obstacles and enemies. In each room, you will meet a boss who is henchmen of Pizzaface. Here are the guidelines to take down the bosses in the tower.

  • Pepperman: The first boss I want to mention is Pepperman who thinks of himself as an artist. He will drop statues to hurt you, so you should run to evade falling statues. Moreover, attempt to use the blocks to make a statue to stop this boss.
  • The Vigilante: The second boss is The Vigilante. In the battle with this boss, you can use your gun to shoot down him. However, you also need to watch out for John E Cheese because he will appear from the top of the screen and disrupt you. The only way to drive him away is to shoot at him.
  • Fake Peppino: This is the third boss who is known as a clone of the main character. He is able to run quickly and chase you. Do not attempt to attack Fake Peppino. Instead, you should run to the end of the tunnel to get a a victory.
  • Pizzaface: This is your target because he wants to destroy your pizzeria. He is able to fly in the sky and ask his henchmen to attack you. You need to knock Pizzaface out of the sky to defeat him.
  • Pizzahead: After the Pizzaface is taken down, Pizzahead will appear. At this time, you realize that he is a true mastermind behind the plan of destroying your pizzeria. Be quick to grab the gun dropped from the sky and use it to shoot down this boss. Besides, you also need to watch out for his attacks and projectiles.

After completing the adventures in this game, you should move to Geometry Dash Lite to join another more exciting adventure.


If you want to Peppino to run to left or right, use the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to control Peppino to jump, use a Z key.

If you want to active the skateboard for Peppino or guide The Noise to hit the wall, hold an X key.

If you want to bow down, use a down arrow key.

If you want to enter the door or climb on the ladders, press an up arrow key.