The playful battle in Get On Top

Get On Top is a thrilling action game that pits you against another player in a lighthearted and competitive struggle for dominance. Earn more than 10 points.

This game features the fundamental concept of balance and control. In this game, you must control the stickman to outmaneuver your opponent. Try to utilize your precise movements, timing, and coordination to make your rival fall. If your rival's head touches the ground, you will earn one point. In contrast, if your head hits the ground, your opponent will score one point. Therefore, you should be careful during the battle. I advise you to keep jumping at all times to avoid falling. You will win if your score is more than 10 points your opponent's one.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Use a W key to guide the character.

PLAYER 2: Use an up arrow key to guide the character.

Interesting game modes of Get On Top

1P Mode

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers two game modes that you can select at the start of the game. These game modes feature different playstyles. The first game mode is the 1P Mode which challenges you to beat the CPU opponent alone. This is also considered to be a practice mode, so you should check it first if you just start to play the game. Try to maintain balance and control while attempting to force the opponent onto their back or make them touch the ground.

2P Mode

The second game mode is the 2P Mode which is designed for head-to-head matches where two players can compete against each other on the same device and computer. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite your friends to play this game with you and have fun in the battle.