Dynamic modes of Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask invites you to discover wonderful adventures in the ancient tomb. Evade the monsters and dangers while picking up dots, keys, and coins.

Map Mode

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also allows you to choose between two interesting game modes. The first game mode is the Map Mode which showcases meticulously crafted levels that present a wide range of challenges, obstacles, and puzzles. At each level, you need to guide your character to run to the top of the tomb to find the exit portal. While running to the exit portal, you need to collect dots, coins, and stars. Moreover, there are many treasure chests in the tomb. You should collect the keys first and use them to unlock the treasure chests. Furthermore, you should take caution with dangerous obstacles and monsters in the tomb.

  • Spike Traps: They often appear on the walls of the tomb, so you should evade them at all costs.
  • Lava: The most dangerous obstacle in this game is lava which rises gradually from the bottom of the screen. There is no way to stop it. Therefore, you need to run to the top of the tomb to escape from the lava.
  • Dart Traps: These trap fire deadly projectiles, so you should watch out for their projectiles.
  • Buzzsaws: These traps can actively chase you, so you should run as fast as possible to escape from them.
  • Bats: They are flying rivals in the tomb. They fly in a certain pattern.
  • Monkeys: The monkeys often emerge in groups of three and drop many coconuts. You should attempt to dodge their coconuts.
  • Snakes: These enemies can be found at Stage 44. They are able to burst through tiles and attack you.

Arcade Mode

The second game mode is Arcade Mode which offers an adrenaline-fueled, high-score chasing experience. In this game mode, you need to survive as long as possible before the lava reaches you. Additionally, you must collect as many dots and coins as possible to gain the highest score and climb the global leaderboards.

How to control: The only way to guide the character to move around the tomb, press the arrow keys.

The shop of Tomb Of The Mask

Various maps

In the shop, there are 16 purchasable masked characters. They are Travelboy, Cyclop, Crow, Dog, Kitty, Pirate, Rabbit, Shapito, Skull, Voodoo, Koala, Piggy, Robot, Froggy, Knight, and Agent. Some characters only can be used in the Arcade Mode. Let's choose your favorite character and join an infinite adventure in this game now.

Multiple power-ups

Besides iconic characters, the shop also sells many power-ups which assist your journey in the tomb a lot. Here is the list of power-ups you can buy and their effects.

  • Shield: The shield can be used to avoid obstacles within 30 seconds.
  • Coin Addict: You can use the Coin Addict power-up to turn dots in the tomb into coins.
  • Freeze: This power-up can be used to freeze rivals and traps to avoid being hurt when you collide with them.
  • Magnet: If you want to collect nearby dots faster, use the magnet.
  • Score Booster: You can purchase this power-up and use it to add +5 to the score multiplier.