Noteworthy information about Fish Eat Fish

Immerse yourself in an underwater world in Fish Eat Fish. You assume the role of a fish who needs to survive in the ocean and consume food to grow stronger.

Gameplay mechanics

This game presents you with its simple yet competitive concept when you join the hunt for food with many players from all over the world. You are tasked with taking control of your fish to swim around and eat everything in the ocean. Its food can be octopuses, mussels, seaweeds, and so on. Besides, do not ignore smaller fish because they are nutritious food that help your fish grow faster. However, sometimes, your fish are also the targets of the bigger fish. Therefore, attempt to escape as fast as possible to avoid being consumed by bigger enemies. Try to develop new tactics to outsmart opponents and survive as long as possible in the underwater world.

Fish Customization

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also features a customization system. At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between 6 fish with different colors. All fish are unlocked, so you can select your favorite fish before starting the hunt. This is a chance to show your individual style and personality. The customization options not only add a creative element to the game but also foster a sense of ownership and pride in your creations.

Control: Swipe the mouse to guide the fish and hold the left mouse button to raise its swimming speed.

The global leaderboard of Fish Eat Fish

Because this game is a multiplayer game, it features the global ranking. This global leaderboard serves as a measure of achievement and progress, driving you to strive for higher scores. If you want to climb to the high rank on this leaderboard, do your best to consume as much food as possible to become the fish king and gain the highest possible score. Secure your position among the top players worldwide.