Playable game modes of Comic Stars Fighting 3.2

Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 is a thrilling action game that allows you to transform into a famous comic fighter. Defeat enemies and complete all levels.

Battle Mode

Like Machine Gun Gardener, this game also allows you to select between two game modes. The first one is Battle Mode which challenges you to complete 27 levels. At each level, you must join an exciting battle with many rivals. Before starting the fight, you must choose your favorite comic character. This game offers 23 comic characters who are Luffy, Songuku, Sanji, Naomi, Natsu, Yu Gi Oh, and so on. You can select one of these characters and start the battle. In the battle, you have to guide your chosen character to fight against various enemies. Kick, punch, jump, and dash to defeat the nearby rivals. Pay attention to the power bar under the health bar. If it is full, you can use your special ability to cause great damage to your foes. When the enemies are cleared, the level is completed. There are a total of 27 levels you must win.

Survival Mode

The second game mode is the Survival Mode. This mode allows you to join an endless battle in which you must combat with an unlimited number of rivals. Your objective is to eliminate as many enemies as possible to earn the highest score and earn as much money as possible. Use your money to unlock the transformational skills of the characters to upgrade their power.



Use the WASD keys to guide the fighter to move around.

Use a K key to jump.

Use an L key to dash.

Use a J key to attack the enemies.

Use a U or I key to use the special ability.


Use the arrow keys to guide the fighter to move around.

Use a 1 key to attack.

Use a 2 key to jump.

Use a 4 key to use the special ability.

Use a 6 key to dash.