The playing instruction of Bear Sketball

Are you ready for thrilling basketball matches in Bear Sketball? Guide a team of three bears to throw the ball into the opponent's basket and earn a high score.

The basketball match

If you are a big fan of the cartoon We Bare Bears, you should not ignore this game. The main characters in this game are Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear. They create a basketball team of three and challenge other street basketball teams. Your mission is to help these bears to win five basketball matches. In each match, they will encounter a different basketball team. You need to guide the bears to run around the basketball course and steal the ball from the opponents. Then, guide them to pass the ball to each other. Moreover, take control of the bear to approach the rivals' basket and throw the ball into it to score points. You will earn at least two points with each dunk. Note that each basketball match lasts 119 seconds. When the time is over, the team with a higher score will become the winner. If your team has the same score as the opposite team, you lose and must restart the basketball match again. If you can win the opponents in the final round, you will become the champion.


Use the arrow keys to guide the bear to move around.

Use a Z key to control the bear to throw the ball or block the opponent.

Use an X key to guide the bear to pass the ball to his teammates or steal the ball from his rivals.

Creators and release date

Like Toon Cup 2022, this game is also the product of Cartoon Network. It was released in 2020 and is available on the web browser. You can use your PC to play this sports game and have a nice time.