The principles of Battle Wheels

Battle Wheels is an intriguing action game that allows you to participate in exciting car battles. Drive your car and hit the opponent's hit to win.

Thrilling car races and battles

This game is a perfect combination of the driving and action elements. In this game, you must take part in daring car battles with another player. Your mission is to drive your car to approach your rival. When you stay near your foe, attempt to hit his head as many times as possible. You will get a victory when the head of your opponent gets hurt and he runs out of blood. Besides, you also need to protect your head from the attacks of your opponent. This game features three rounds. You will become a victor if you can win three rounds and earn three stars.

Like Twin Shot 2, this game also offers two game modes which are the 1-Player and 2-Player Mode. In the 1-Player Mode, you will be matched with a random player from all around the world. Meanwhile, the 2-Player Mode allows you to invite your friend to embark on the car battles with you.

How to control


Use the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to drive your car to move around.


PLAYER 1: Use the left-right arrow keys to drive your car to move around.

PLAYER 2: Use the A-D keys to drive your car to move around.

The garage in Battle Wheels

In the garage of the game, you can use your coins to upgrade the health and damage ability of your car. In addition, you will be rewarded with a key after winning a car fight. Use these keys to purchase new cars in the garage. Moreover, you can customize your car by changing its wheels.