Simple mechanics of Train 2048

Welcome to Train 2048 which is an interesting puzzle game. You are tasked with combining the tiles of the same value to create new tiles and produce oil.

Merge tiles

In this game, you need to make the train run by combining the tiles. Because the train runs out of oil, you are challenged to merge the tiles. These tiles must have the same value and are next to each other. The value of the new tiles will be a total of two combined tiles. Note that the more tiles you can merge, the more oil you can produce. Let's make the train run as far as possible and gain the highest possible score. Keep in mind that if the tiles touch the top of the 5x6 grid. Therefore, attempt to eliminate as many tiles as you can.

Utilize the power-ups

This game offers two game modes which are Balloon and Bomb. Each power-up has a distinct effect.

  • Balloon: When the grid is about to be full of tiles, you should activate the Balloon power-up. It helps to eliminate one chosen tile in the grid.
  • Bomb: The Bomb can be used to destroy 3-4 tiles at once.

Note that these power-ups are not free. Instead, you need to visit the shop and use your coins to purchase them. You should buy them at the start of the game.

How to control

Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to raise the dropping speed of the tiles.

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the tiles to move to the left or right.

Use a 1 key to activate the balloon power-up.

Use a 2 key to use the bombs.