The playing instruction of Traffic Tom

Traffic Tom is an intriguing driving game featuring multiple tasks. You are tasked with driving your motorbike to evade vehicles and reach a required distance.

Multiple missions

When joining this game, you will play as Tom who is on his way to return to his home. You need to drive your motorbike to go on z busy two-way road. You will be assigned missions such as reaching a certain distance, getting the finish line in time, beating the boss, or reaching many combos within a limited time. You must complete these missions to claim gold coins at each level. Besides, another way to get coins is to collect them because they are scattered along the way. However, you should watch out for the vehicles on the road. You should drive your motorbike to the left or right to avoid colliding with these vehicles and reach the finish line safely. Moreover, you should look at their blinkers to know if they want to turn left or right or stop or not. Note that you will not be sent to the starting point if you unexpectedly crash into other cars on the road.

How to control

Use the left or right arrow keys to drive your motorbike to move left or right.

Hold an up arrow key to raise the speed of your motorbike.

Hold a down arrow key to decrease the speed of your motorbike

Motorbike customization in Traffic Tom

The garage in this game sells various motorbike models with different designs and colors. If you want to unlock these motorbike, you should complete the levels and accumulate enough wrenches. After unlocking these motorbike, you can use your coins to upgrade to improve their engine and speed. Select your favorite motorbike and start your adventure with Tom now.