Interesting information about The Scythian Warrior

The Scythian Warrior is a daring acting game with an amazing storyline. As a strong warrior, you must fight against enemies to save the people of your tribe.

The plot

In the golden age, life was always spring. The soil was fertile and there was plenty of food. People were good and happy and old age came late. They were constantly in pleasant and free air and knew neither war nor poverty. Then came the Silver Age. Hunger and cold prevailed. People became selfish and divided. After the Silver Age, the Bronze Age came. People learned to make weapons and started to fight with each other. The last age, the Iron Age, was the age of crime and infamy, and it was a time when mankind was completely destroyed due to greed and hatred. In the vast steppes of Scythia, a solitary warrior named Aryasp embarked on a perilous quest. Sent by his tribe's chief, he ventured into the depths of an ancient dungeon to defeat the king who had eliminated many warriors. After defeating the enemies, he goes back to his land. However, he finds that his village is attacked by soldiers of the Zion tribe. He sets out to take revenge and free his people. First, he goes to the Wahhabi tribe, who are relatives of the Zion tribe and asks them the way to the Zion tribe. The king of this tribe accepts his requests if Aryasp can help him find the treasure of the desert land. After finding the treasure, he goes back to the Wahhabi tribe, but he is arrested by the Zion tribe. The king of the Wahhabi tribe betrays him. Aryasp spends a long time in prison and endures many hardships and the day of his execution is approaching. In the dead of night, he is rescued by a boy. This is a chance for him to take revenge.

Thrilling battles in the game

In this game, you transform into Aryasp. Your weapon is a long axe. Let's use it to embark on thrilling battles in the game. You will visit three lands including the ancient dungeon, a desert land, and the base of the Zion tribe. In each land, you encounter different enemies such as skeletons, monsters, and warriors of the Zion tribe. Attempt to defeat them to find the treasure and rescue your villagers. This is a great opportunity for you to show off your fighting skills and power.


Use the WASD keys to move around the playing field.

Use the spacebar to jump, push, or pull the box.

Use an E key to climb up the box or ladder.

Click the left mouse button to attack the enemies.

Click the right mouse button to target the enemies.

Use the mouse to look around.

Hold the Shift + W key to run.

Use a Q key to roll.