Interesting game modes of Super Brawl 2

Super Brawl 2 is an interesting fighting game with many stages and game modes. As a powerful fight, you must defeat your rival in three rounds.

Arcade Mode

The key that helps to keep the players on their toes is the game's diverse game modes. In this game, you can choose between four game modes. The first one is Arcade Mode which allows you to customize your character. In the combat in this game mode, you must punch, kick, and hit your opponent until he or she is taken down. Attempt to get a victory at least 2 rounds to become an ultimate victor in this fight.

Tournament Mode

The next game mode is Tournament Mode which requests you to join a fighting championship. In this championship, you need to join different battles and encounter different opponents. Do your best to defeat all of them to enter the final battle in which you must battle with the strongest fighter. If you want to become the champion, you must defeat this fighter.

Tag Team Mode

The third game mode is Tag Team Mode in which two teams of fighters will fight against each other. Each team has two fighters. You need to guide them to defeat the opposite team. Until the fight ends, the team that has at least one survivor will get a victory.

Survival Mode

Finally, you can try the Survival Mode which offers an endless fight. In this game, an unlimited number of rivals will appear and attack you. You need to utilize your power and fighting skills to eliminate as many rivals as possible. In this battle, your score will depend on the number of rivals. Try your best to earn the highest score in this endless combat.

How to control

If you want to move around, use the shield, and jump, press the arrow keys.

If you want to kick your rivals, press the Z key.

If you want to punch your opponent, press an X key.

If you want to jump and kick your enemies, hold an up arrow key and a Z key at the same time.

If you want to activate your special abilities, use the right arrow key twice and the X key.