The objectives of Skate Hooligans

Welcome to an exhilarating adventure in Skate Hooligans now! Run through the bustling streets of the city to escape from the policeman and gather coins.

Endless challenges

This game offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience. This game revolves around a little boy who loves playing football and skateboarding. Because he plays football on the streets. The policeman wants to catch him. Fortunately, he escapes from him. When joining this game, you will assume the role of this little boy who is being chased by the policeman. You need to navigate through the streets and dodge dangers such as barriers and cars. Jump as high as possible, slide down, and move left or right to avoid collisions with obstacles on the road.

Collectible items

In addition, remember to collect coins and power-ups scattered along the way. Here are some power-ups which can be collected in the game.

  • First-Aid-Kit: This power-up can be used to restore your health.
  • Multiplier: This power-up amplifies the points obtained from collecting coins and performing tricks. It multiplies the score earned during a specific duration.
  • Police car: You can drive the police car to go further. The police car can destroy other vehicles and obstacles along the way.
  • Magnet: This power-up is a useful tool to attract nearby coins. This makes it easier to gather them while running.
  • Lucky Box: This box contains random power-ups or rewards. Opening the lucky box adds an element of surprise and anticipation.
  • Taxi: You can ride it with a breeze at the start.

Controls: If you want to guide the boy to move left or right, jump, or slide down, use the arrow keys.

Various game maps of Skate Hooligans

This game features a variety of maps that transport you to different cities around the world. Each map offers a unique setting, obstacles, and landmarks, providing a fresh and exciting experience. Here is the list of maps you can unlock.

  • Airport: Attempt to collect 70 airplanes in the Amusement Park if you want to unlock the Airport map.
  • Amusement Park: If you can accumulate 50 T-rexes in the Subway map, you can unlock the Amusement Park map. Subway: You must find 30 tokens to unlock the Subway map. On this map, you must dodge the trains and barriers.
  • Downtown: This map is available for gameplay at the start of the game. In this map, you should take caution with barriers and cars.