Wonderful gameplay of Pirates Match 3

Pirates Match 3 is an addictive puzzle game that takes you on an exciting adventure of a pirate. Match three or more identical gems to collect them.

Collecting treasures

This game is a perfect combination of adventure and puzzle elements. In this game, you will join the journey of a pirate. He is on his way to hunt for treasure. You must help him to collect treasures like valuable gems. To gather them, you need to change the position of the gems to create lines of three or more identical gems. Note that if you match four similar gems, a new special gem will be created. It is able to destroy a row or column of gems when it is matched with two other identical gems. In addition, you should attempt to create a magic bottle by combining five or more identical gems. The magic bottle can destroy many nearby gems.

Exploring new lands

This game features two game maps which are Pirate Bay and Jungle. In the Pirate Bay, you are required to complete 62 levels. Meanwhile, in the Jungle, you must complete 70 levels. Each level has a time limit. Therefore, you must try your best to complete the level's goal before the time is over. Play this game now to transform into a pirate and join the adventures in different lands. Besides, I want to introduce Mahjong Classic which is also a funny puzzle game on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to change the positions of gems.

Effective tips to master Pirates Match 3

  • Combine Special Gems: Combining special gems can lead to powerful effects and clear a significant portion of the board. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for a particular level. For example, combining a striped gem with a wrapped candy creates a large explosion.
  • Plan Ahead: Take a moment to analyze the board and plan your moves in advance. Look for potential matches and combinations, and consider the consequences of each move. Sometimes it's better to make a smaller move to set up a bigger one in the next turn.
  • Prioritize Clearing Obstacles: Certain levels have obstacles like wooden tiles, stones, and monsters that need to be cleared. Focus on removing these obstacles first to open up more space on the board and create better opportunities for matches.