Your missions in Neon Rider

Neon Rider is a stunning racing game that tasks you with driving a neon motorbike. Navigate through neon-lit tracks to reach the finish line and collect gems.

Join a futuristic journey of speed

This game offers a thrilling gameplay experience that combines fast-paced racing with skillful maneuvering. You must drive a neon motorbike to navigate through neon-lit tracks. These tracks are filled with many twists, turns, ramps, and obstacles. Take caution when you go through them. If your motorbike hits the obstacles or flips, the game is over. You should maintain to avoid losing control of the motorbike. Sometimes, you should raise your speed. However, sometimes, take it slow. Because the game has no time limit, take the time to observe the patterns, twists, and turns in each track to anticipate upcoming obstacles and plan your movements accordingly. Do your best to reach the finish line safely to complete the levels of the game.

Earn the highest score

Another task in this game is to earn the highest score. To gain points, you must collect the purple gems which are scattered along the tracks. Gather as many gems as possible to get the highest possible score. Furthermore, you must drive your motorbike to fly and flip. You will get one point after completing a full flip. Try to perform as many flips as possible to earn the highest score.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or the spacebar to guide the car.

Multiple levels of Neon Rider

Like Blumgi Rocket, the game offers multiple levels, each with increasing difficulty and complexity. As you progress, you encounter more intricate track designs and face greater obstacles that demand quick reflexes and strategic planning. Additionally, this game provides the option to perform stunts and tricks, allowing you to showcase your skills and earn extra points.