The playing instruction of Jump With Justin 2

Are you ready for a new adventure with a little mouse in Jump With Justin 2? You are challenged to guide the mouse to collect coins while flying in the sky.

An exciting journey

A little mouse is sitting in the catapult and excited to fly in the sky, so you must hold the left mouse button and release it to launch the mouse now. However, the mouse is not able to fly high. If you want to help the character to fly higher, you should control it to collect the gold coins. Another way is to jump on the platforms or springboards. However, you should be careful with dangers such as spike platforms, weight, or shrinking potion bottles. If the mouse touches the spike platforms, it will fall immediately. If it gets the weight, it will become strong and cannot fly higher. The potion bottle will make the mouse become tiny. Do your best to guide the mouse to evade these hazards if you do not want to lose soon.

How to control


If you want to make the mouse fly, hold the spacebar and then release it.

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the mouse to fly to the left or right,


Hold the screen to control the mouse.

The shop in Jump With Justin 2

In the shop, you are allowed to upgrade the power-ups in this game. This helps to increase the duration of the power-ups. Here are the power-ups you can use in the game.

  • Magnet: This magnet can be used to collect all coins in the sky to fly high.
  • Rocket: The mouse can use the rocket to fly fast.
  • Balloon: The yellow balloon helps the mouse to become bigger and fly slowly.
  • Propeller: The mouse can use the propeller to fly higher.
  • Invisible coat: You can guide the mouse to collect the invisible coat. This coat helps the mouse to become invisible and overcome obstacles without getting hurt.