Enjoyable gameplay of Geometry Dash Bang Gang

Geometry Dash Bang Gang offers a unique and intense experience for you seeking a challenging adventure. Dodge dangers while running at a fast speed.

A Thrilling Journey Through Challenges

This game starts with an intriguing quadruple spike jump, accompanied by a meaningful message: "It's all about love." On the way to the finish line, you must cross many form portals such as UFO portals, robot portals, cube portals, ball portals, spider portals, and ship portals. Moreover, the game features a gradual increase in pace and intensity. This requires you to pay high attention and click the left mouse in time to guide your character to evade random objects and spikes along the way.

The daring boss fight

The climax of this game (77-100%) arrives with an awe-inspiring boss fight. You face a giant skeleton head that shoots lasers from its eyes and mouth. Engaging in a mini-ship format, both ships must execute identical movements to overcome this final challenge. Upon defeating the boss, you enter a safe space as the level darkens, and Danzmen's icon appears, marking the triumphant end of the level.

Controls: It is simple to control the character because you just need to click the left mouse button or press the spacebar or an up arrow key to jump or fly up.

Developer and release date

This game was developed by Danzmen and verified by a team of talented players including Technical, npesta, Gizbro, Golden, and the Gang. They launched the game on 9 August 2019 and was known as an Extreme Demon level. Like Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, the game is accessible on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. Play the game and immerse yourself in a world where love, rhythm, and skill intertwine.