Exhilarating gameplay of Boxing Physics 2

Welcome to daring boxing battles in Boxing Physics 2. Become the victor by hitting your opponent as many times as possible and earn more points.

Thrilling boxing combats

This second edition won the hearts of many players of its game mode system. In this game, you are allowed to choose between many game modes which offer immersive and different gameplay. If you want to join exciting boxing combats, you can choose the Crazy Mode, One Hit Mode, Trap Mode, Real Mode, and Kick Mode. In these game modes, you play as a boxer whose mission is to punch your rival as many times as possible. You should try to lean forward when hitting your opponent. If you want to protect yourself from the attacks of your rival, lean back. Your goal is to keep your blood full and earn as many points as possible. In contrast, if you want to join a soccer match, you can select the Soccer Mode. In this mode, you must hit the ball instead of your opponent. Try to help the ball fly into your rival's goalpost.



Press a W key if you want to lean forward and punch your enemy.

Press the A-D keys if you want to jump forward or back.


Press an up arrow key if you want to lean forward and punch your enemy.

Press the left-right arrow keys if you want to jump forward or back.

All achievements in Boxing Physics 2

This engaging game features a list of achievements. You must join different boxing battles to complete these achievements and earn valuable rewards. Here are the achievements in this game.

  • First Win: To unlock this achievement, you must defeat the CPU in any mode.
  • Beginner: If you can hit your opponent 10 times, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • First Trophy: Try to win any tournament to get this achievement.
  • Friends?: You will complete this achievement after finishing the match with equal points.
  • First Step: To gain this achievement, you must win matches in any tournament.
  • Next: Try to complete this achievement by defeating the CPU in 20 matches.
  • Punch Master: You must hit your rival 25 times if you want to get this achievement.
  • New Star: Do your best to win three tournaments to gain this achievement.
  • Soccer Fan: This achievement will be unlocked after you score 10 goals.